Pastille SULFUR Technical Specifications
Property Unit Method Spec
Ash content (% network.) ISO 3425 Maximum 0.2
Hydrocarbon by weight BS 4113 Maximum 0.1
Purity (dry basis) by weight BS 4113 Min 99.5
Moisture by weight BS 4113 Max 0.8
Acidity (asSO4) by weight ISO 3704 Maximum 0.02


Sulfur is an odourless, tasteless, light yellow solid. Favorable conditions are a reactive element that combines all other elements, except for gases, gold and platinum. Insoluble in water, but soluble in carbon disulfide. The sulfur dioxide burns with a blue flame oxidized.


Sulphuric acid production

The main commercial use of sulphur is a reagent in the production of sulphuric acid (H 2 SO 4). Sulfuric acid is the number one chemical substance in the industrialised world, which is required in large quantities in lead acid batteries for automotive use.


Sulfur is increasingly used as a fertilizer component. The most important sulfur shape for fertilizer is mineral calcium sulfate.

Fungicide and insecticide
Sulfur is one of the oldest fungicides and pesticides. “Powder sulfur” is a common fungicide for sulfur, grape, strawberry, many vegetables and some other products in the form of powder. It has a good effect on black spots as well as a wide variety of ashing diseases.

Vulcanization of Natural rubber
Sulfur is also used in vulcanization of natural rubber as a fungicide in the production of black powder, detergents and phosphate fertilizers.

Granular SULFUR Technical Specifications
Item Value
Purity (on dry basis) (% Wt) Min 99.90
Ash content (% Wt) Maximum 0.03
Humidity (by weight%) Max. 0.20
Organic (by weight%) Maximum 0.05
Acid Weight% Maximum 0.009
Density of mass Max 1.2
Color Bright yellow
Average size 2-4 MM
Size distribution 2-4 MM > 95%
5% less than 2 mm max. from 4 mm to 2
Max 5%
Granular SULFUR Technical Specifications
Property Method Results
Purity (on dry basis) (% Wt) Bs-4113 Min 99.50
Ash content (% Wt) Bs-4113 Maximum 0.05
Humidity (by weight%) Bs-4113 Maximum 0.5
hydrocarbons (by weight%) Bs-4113 Maximum 0.05
Acidity (As H 2 SO 4) AGR. ISO 3704 Maximum 0.02
Mass density Kg/M3 ASTM D-1895 Max 1240
Color Visual Bright yellow
MM 2-6
Cage Size > 6.0 MM
2.0 MM > >
ISO 8397 Min 90%
Max 10%
Max 10%