About us

Our company started production as chemical sector in 1992.
Our group of companies that are laid foundation; Cosmetics, detergents, petrochemical, textile, PVC, PE adhesive, metal, petroleum products and pharmaceutical food sector continues to operate.

Since our establishment, Turkey, Balkan and Middle East is the distributor of the only authorized petrochemical products of leading companies worldwide. In the last 15 years, he has expanded our knowledge, experience and technical service expertise with the Middle East market by opening our offices in Iran, Slovenia, Russia, Dubai. In 2010, the new production plant in the area of 3,000 square meters in the Hadimkoy OSB region of Istanbul began its investments in chemical industry on the world.

In 2017, he established a free zone production facility in the area of 20,000 square meters in Iran.
Iran and Tahranda corporate offices are available.
Our R & D studies on chemical substances are ongoing.