Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, is the simplest structured alcohol. Methanol is a solvent with high polarity and dielectric constant. Methanol is a fluid liquid and burns with a bluish flame that is not shiny. Methanol dissolves in all organic solvents at any rate. Even a small amount of methanol is toxic to living organisms.
Methanol is used in industry as a solvent. Methanol is used in industry to obtain formaldehyde and aniline dyes. Methanol is found in the structure of unleaded gasoline. Methanol is used as a motor fuel component and takes part in making cologne.
Cas No 67-56-1
EINECS No 200-659-6
Chemical Formula CH3OH
View Colorless
Purity(%) 99.9
Density (Kg / Liter) 0,79
Flash Point, ° C 11
Boiling Point, ° C 65

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